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Signs and Bollards

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LinePro Striping offers professional sign installation in middle Tennessee and can supply and install a broad range of signs for every need.

ADA Compliance

One important aspect of your parking is keeping it ADA compliant…which requires 1 handicap sign per handicap space. We can supply and install several differrent types to meet any need.

Parking Lot Signs

We can also install parking lot signs such as Stop, Do Not Enter, etc. as well as different custom signs and painted or galvanized posts to fit any need.

Street Signs

We also install traffic signs and street name signs for your neighborhood or subdivision with a broad range of signs and posts to choose from.

We keep a large number of signs and posts in stock to fit any need…from u-channel and simple square posts to decorative powder coated posts as well. We also supply custom made signs for any need and can install signs in dirt or core drilled in your existing asphalt or concrete.


LinePro Striping also installs permanent and removable protective bollards. Bollards are an effective way to protect your building, generators, central air system, etc.



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