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Nashville Sealcoating and Crack Filling


Sealcoating in Nashville

LinePro Striping is a parking lot maintenance company that offers parking lot sealcoating and repair services in Nashville TN. Sealcoating asphalt parking lots is not only important to Nashville property value but protects your parking lot from the elements (gas, oil, weather and traffic). Asphalt sealcoating has been proven to prolong the life of your parking lot. We offer a free inspection of parking and drive areas that will help establish a schedule and budget to keep your pavement repaired and maintained.

Curb appeal. The first impression of your property is the parking/driveway. Linepro Striping can enhance the appearance of your property and ensure a positive first impression with a quality blacktop sealing  job.

Save money. An independent study, by the Pavement Coatings Technology Center shows conclusively that sealcoating asphalt with blacktop sealer every 3 years saves an average of $152,500 for an average commercial parking lot over 15 years. This equates to a 48% savings over the cost of an unmaintained parking lot. With oil prices considerably higher and less stable today, the savings are even higher.

  • Reduces Maintenance Cost
  • Beautifies Pavement
  • Prevents Oxidation
  • Prevents Gas, Oil, & Salt Damage

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Reduces Maintenance Cost

The smooth, even surface of sealed pavement makes sweeping, snow removal, and maintenance simpler and cheaper.

Beautifies Pavement

Attractive, slate-black asphalt sealer restores original color to asphalt and dries to an even-textured finish.

 Prevents Oxidation

The sun’s actinic rays harden and dry out the asphalt surface. This accelerates raveling, erosion, and can reduce asphalt thickness by as much as 50% in just 5 years.

Prevents Gas, Oil, and Salt Damage

Only coal tar sealer protects asphalt against the highly damaging effects of gas and oil seepage and all other road chemicals, especially aikalis and winter salt.



Crack Filing in Nashville

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Cracks in the asphalt can allow moisture from rain, ice, and snow to soften the sub base of the pavement causing additional cracking and eventually potholes. Filling these cracks with hot pour crack filler would prevent this water from penetrating.

The process. The cracks would first be cleaned using pressurized air and/or grinding wheel to be sure all grass, sand and gravel are removed. A hot pour crack filler would then be applied, filling up the cracks and sealing them off from water.

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